Large Area Carborundum Fine Flexible Descaling Clean Magic Brush Sanging Sponge


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    Material: aluminum + sponge
    Applicable object: Pan / bowl
    Product size: 10*7*2.5cm
    Packaging: 1 PC
    a strong advantage to remove stubborn dirt, not easy to wear off the sand, wet and dry
    [material] the inner layer is a high density sponge, the outer layer of emery process, good flexibility, rapid and effective decontamination
    [use] for stubborn dirt stains cleaning all kinds of kitchen utensils on the stove, rice crust are good clean stubborn grease rust
    Super decontamination magic cleaning force just cleaning the bathroom can remove stubborn stains removal coke yellow rust board pressure cooker pan polished renovation can also sharpening oh only think do not rub where clean heavy oil pollution, please with warm water plus detergent used in conjunction with the better absolute immediate

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